When Ivye Wear was first started in 2018 we envisioned ourselves as being a leader of a movement, and today that movement is taking shape as the Accessible Clothing Revolution. We understand that chronic illness is enough to deal with, the pain, the disruption of your life, the confusion, and all the unanswered questions. Add to that doctors who sometimes don’t deal with you as a human, just an illness. It seems difficult to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep being a warrior. When we say we understand this, we’re not saying it from a purely outside sympathetic view, we say this from the perspective of people who have been there, are still there and know, first hand, what that world is like.

We believe the simplest things can make a huge difference and so we have engaged in the quest to make comfortable, accessible clothing for chronic illness warriors that helps to make their lives a little bit better. Being warm, giving doctors easy access to veins and body parts while remaining comfortable and retaining dignity. We understand, we appreciate the deep importance of these things. We also realize that no one seems to be thinking of these problems and so, we decided to put time, effort and thought into chronic patient comfort, care, and dignity. Dignity is often overlooked but when you take a person’s dignity, you often take their will to fight and their drive to continue on in this world. We won’t allow that. We will safeguard the dignity of the chronically ill and keep them focused, hopeful and strong. We are warriors looking out for warriors. We are patients fighting and surviving, looking to make life and the fight easier for others through our own, personal experiences.

We founded our company on four pillars: compassion, empathy, kindness, & community. We believe that focusing on these pillars will help others and provide a better future for the warriors battling to survive every day. We hear you, we see you, we are committed to your future, and we promise to continue to lead the Accessible Clothing Revolution.

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