What is an Ambassador?

You represent our strength, our courage, our drive and our struggle as a community to the world. You are one of our many voices, many minds, working together to help the world understand what living with chronic illness means. You paint, draw, write, sing, plant, cook, to stay strong and you have a passionate drive to share that strength with others because, you know you are more than the sum of your pains or a vehicle for your illness. An Ambassador brings hope, goodwill and understanding to those who want to be educated and those who need to know that, no matter what their level of illness, they are not alone, they matter and they are a life worth hearing, seeing and listening to.



  • Early access to new IVYE products
  • Free IVYE wear Swag
  • Exclusive access to our Executive Officers and Founder. You will have a voice in creating IVYE brand and guiding where the company goes in the future.
  • Tag us and be featured on our social media pages.

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