When we are tethered to our beds due to our chronic illness(s) it is so important for us to keep our minds busy on things that make us happy as opposed to being fixated on the reality of our current circumstances. Some ways that I get through these days are:

*Hold my bearded dragon (Mojo)

*Cuddling with my kitty (Punkin)

*Facetiming/loving on my Godson

*Helping others on social media

*Blogging about my health journey

*Call friends for some fun conversations

*Coloring in my adult coloring books

*Binging my boyfriend’s Netflix (Once Upon A Time!)

These are what help me personally, but we all have our own hobbies, interests, passions and things that make us happy. We just need to find them and utilize them on days that are trying to discourage us in our fights!


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