Chronic illness is much like being taken out to the middle of the ocean and being dropped off with nothing but the clothes on your back. Suddenly we become submerged with a diagnosis, pain, treatments, and doctors with no one seemingly taking the time to notice that we are stranded in the middle of the ocean. We drift, we float, we wait for someone to save us because when you have a chronic illness there is only so much you can do to protect yourself. Our situations are oftentimes out of our control. Most times all we can control are our feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a body that fights against us every step of the way. Much of our talents, ambitions, goals, and hopes lie behind self-doubt, anger, and guilt of being a burden to our families and friends because of our chronic illness.

However, we should not believe that we are worthless and have nothing to give this world because our stories, our experiences, and our lives matter. We are the change the world has been waiting to see, and we can change the world exactly because of what we go through. Our fight and our struggle is someone’s reason to continue, and the more we share our thoughts with the world you will notice change starting to occur. In the short time I’ve been involved in starting a business I’ve learned that people care about what we go through when we are open and honest about our struggles. It is scary to put yourself out there especially with all the hate that can come from it, but don’t let it get you down because when you merge your thoughts and beliefs with your actions you become unstoppable. We are at the crossroads of mainstream and chronic illness and soon there will be a groundswell of support from the larger community we seek to be a part of. Believe better days are coming, because they are. We will not be stuck floating forever. Eventually a wave will come that will help push us all back to shore.

Dax Francis, Founder

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