COVID, Society, and a Glimpse into Chronic Illness

Everyone will remember these moments, the ones we have been living in for the past few months. It has been brutal having to stay at home, not go out, and just be with your thoughts and loneliness. But what is going to happen next? Will we return to “normal” or will we forge a new path forward with an eye towards improvement? Will employers realize that many workers can indeed work from home and be productive or return to the “grind” of 9-5? We at Ivye Wear hope that the World of the future is a little more accommodating for everyone, and that we all feel that we have a place and way to give back to our community. There are many paths ahead, and we hope this will encourage everyone to realize their experiences give them the strength, patience, wisdom, and tools they need to change the world.


It is tough to say what will happen, but we are here to say that these past few months have given most people a glimpse at what being someone with a chronic illness is like: not being able to go out, not being able to do the things that make you whole, having to stay at home with your thoughts, and not really having a say in the matter. So many people have been fighting, for years, behind closed doors and little recognition has been given of the strength it takes to do so. It takes strength to be able to cope with having to stay at home, protecting your body, and ensuring you do whatever necessary to keep it safe.


As we start to move back to “normal” this is a plea that we continue to grow as we have been during this crisis, and move towards more accommodating futures in which those who are stuck due to circumstances beyond their control can continue to live their life in a meaningful way. We must give the chronic illness warriors of the world a chance to succeed and use their talents and abilities to make a difference, because being able to live in that struggle that is beyond your control takes tremendous strength, patience, and wisdom, and the world will benefit when we can involve their voices and experiences.


Everyone in the world has been fighting together these past few months, and we need this moment to change us. We must adapt and create a better future for everyone, because if we do not, we run the risk of losing those closest to us and their greatest abilities. This world is ready for change, and we believe it is the chronic illness warriors who will help lead us to a brighter future where everyone feels that they have a place and can contribute to the world around them. There are warriors all over the world who have found the key to living in that infinite struggle and it is their stories of resiliency, tenacity, and perseverance in the face of adversity that we need to learn from and help create futures for. We realize now that we are all just one moment away from having to live a life you never asked for, and we need a world in which we can all succeed despite that happening.


So, find the chronic illness warrior in your life and ask them to share their truth with you. Learn from their struggle, realize their strength, and make your own struggle the empire upon which you sit and let us all work towards that more brighter, positive future.

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